I am an adventurous person and fashion stylist based in New York City but born in Brazil and raised around the world.My passion for fashion motivated me to earn a degree in fashion design and business, brought me to NYC to attend a fashion styling program at FIT, and now drives me to pursue a master's degree in fashion merchandising and retail management. Although I have always taken my studies seriously, exploring my creativity in putting looks together has brought me happier times.

I have been considered to have a strong sense of style since I was young, and my appreciation for art and creativity has driven me to explore what the fashion world can offer. Throughout my years in NYC, I have had many experiences in fashion styling, wardrobe costume designing, and fashion directing, either interning or freelancing.

I am inspired by my travels  over my lovely years of existence and by everything that is going on around the world. I try to create unique and timeless looks that represent a modern, fresh, and fashion-conscious approach. Yes, I am concerned about the effects of the fashion industry on the planet and society. I try to introduce this fashion narrative to my work. I take conscious consumption seriously. I'm very keen for vintage clothing, and I enjoy customizing clothes. Besides all these, I am a  blogger ,yogi, cinephile, and jazz lover.

I’m available for fashion projects such as editorials, lookbooks, commercial, live events and music videos. Fell free to contact me.


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